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Goldlake Group is an international diversified mining company with offices in Gubbio (Italy), London and at its main operations in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The company mines gold and iron ore through subsidiary companies Eurocantera and Five Star Mining; exploration continues on concessions in Central and South America.  We employ over two hundred and thirty people and approximately four hundred contractors at our facilities worldwide.

Goldlake Group understands that our presence and activities affect the countries in which we operate and the communities neighbouring our concessions, and that our mining operations disturb the natural environment. We believe that it is possible to achieve a net-positive impact in and around our projects and facilities through careful management, innovation and a corporate ambition to catalyse positive change in people’s lives and to protect nature. Even with the advances in engineering technology and improvements in management practices that can help avoid and control the risks of our activities, mining is not always compatible with local environmental and social values. Therefore, we operate only in places where we are confident that we can have a positive impact on the environment and the local economy and have the support of our stakeholders.

These core sustainability and corporate accountability policies (Core Policies) include a code of business ethics and conduct and our commitments to industry best practices and standards, to the health and safety of our employees, to protect the environment and biodiversity, to respect and uphold human rights, to build constructive community relations and to work with artisanal and small scale miners.

Our Core Policies have been developed under a mandate of our senior management, with the participation of our employees and were adopted by our board of directors in November 2012. Along with our purpose and values, the Core Policies are the basis for our way of doing business and of our ethical and legal behaviour. It is a requirement for all Goldlake personnel to read and formally acknowledge the importance of the Core Policies and respect their application as part of their employment contract.