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Code of Business Etichs and Conduct



Goldlake’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (the Code) is intended to affirm our commitment to fundamental responsible practices in business and to guide our employees, managers and directors on how to conduct the company's activities. Respecting the law and avoiding legal violations is an essential tenet of the Code. Although providing a baseline of behaviour, legal compliance is a point of departure for Goldlake, rather than a destination; in most circumstances our standards go beyond legal requirements. The Code includes our stand on legal compliance, how we treat each other in the workplace, corruption, transparency and disclosure and the integrity of our products.

  • Legal Compliance: We conduct all our activities in strict compliance with the national laws of the countries where we operate and with all relevant international conventions. It is the responsibility of our directors, officers and managers to know and keep abreast of changes to laws and regulations that affect our business.
  • Our People: We treat each other with respect and forbid all forms of discrimination in the work place. We aim to ensure equal treatment of all our employees, based on merit and performance. We value our employees and the commitment they have made to Goldlake, and we take seriously the investment the company has made in them. We therefore actively contribute to the development of our employees' skills through training programmes in engineering, geology, mine management, vehicle maintenance, driving and administration. We follow a comprehensive human resources policy and procedures that are fully compliant with the national laws in every country in which we work and conform with our own internal standards that are equal to the highest international standards.
  • Corruption: We are fully aware that corruption is a persistent issue in some of the countries where we work. We do not tolerate bribery or facilitation payments of any kind. We encourage and support our employees to report any incidence that might lead to or be perceived as corrupt and train our managers to respond appropriately.
  • Money laundering: In all our business dealings we conduct thorough due diligence and follow the principles of “Know Your Customer” and maintain records of all our transactions to avoid working with organizations or individuals who are involved in the illicit movement of money. We are attuned to the dangers of money laundering in the gold supply chain, especially when difficult-to-trace gold items, such as jewellery, are melted and refined. Goldlake refines gold through a fully controlled chain of custody from the mine to refinery and onward delivery to our clients. We only refine gold from our own mines and follow strict checks and procedures to ensure the provenance of our material at all stages of the supply chain. 
  • Product Integrity: The gold and other metals produced at our mines and processed at our refinery and other plants are accompanied by documentation clearly disclosing their quality in conformance with international standards and verified by accredited third party firms and auditors. Where appropriate and in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations, gold from our facilities will be clearly marked to indicate the quality of product.
  • Transparency and Reporting: We practice complete honesty and transparency in our business dealings and starting in 2013 we will report annually at a corporate level following the Global Reporting Initiative Framework (GRI) and the guidance of the GRI’s Mining and Metals Sector Supplement. Goldlake endorses the principles of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and supports its implementation. Where we operate in EITI complaint countries, we commit to publicly disclosing benefits and payments made to governments in line with the guidance provided by the EITI. Currently, Goldlake has no operations in EITI complaint countries.  


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