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Community Involvement



Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with the local communities is essential to the success of our business. At Eurocantera in Honduras, independent local artisanal miners that operate inside our concessions supply more than one third of Eurocantera’s total gold output and our fully integrated with our production systems. Since the beginning of our operation our relationship with the artisanal miners has been based on trust, sharing a common goal for the growth of the mine, and collaborating on achieving mutually agreed production targets.

The artisanal miners enjoy the same benefits as our employees. They have full access to our company’s health clinic and are integrated with our safety and security management system. With the miners, we have developed and introduced appropriate extraction and processing technology into their operations that have increased their efficiency and productivity. We provide support to the mining groups to enable them to manage the revenue from the sales of gold and make investments in their community that will lead to improvements in their quality of life.