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Eurocantera, a subsidiary of Goldlake, is a Honduran company which holds exploration concessions over 10,500 hectares in the valley of Lepaguare, in the district of Olancho in central Honduras. Eurocantera extracts alluvial gold deposits using an innovative process which requires only water – no cyanide or other harmful chemicals. Euocantera also works in partnership with artisanal miners using traditional environmentally-safe, mercury-free methods.

We are committed to involving our neighbouring communities in the benefits of the mine’s development. Around two thirds of Eurocantera’s gold production is from our mine’s commercial operations and the balance is extracted by local artisanal miners that operate inside our concessions. Since the beginning of our operation our relationship with the artisanal miners has been based on trust, sharing a common goal for the growth of the mine, and collaborating on achieving mutually agreed production targets.

We have established a unique vertical supply chain from extraction through to the end customer, over which we have complete control. We can assure our customers delivery of the highest quality product and that our environmental and social standards are upheld at every stage of production and marketing.

Eurocantera’s gold is refined in Arezzo, Italy, where we have a precious metals refinery. This refinery is dedicated to process only gold from our mine in Honduras, thereby ensuring the final product that we supply to our customers is fully traceable. The refinery is currently preparing for "Responsible Jewellery Council Certification".

Innovation drives our approach in all areas of our business, from the technology we use at our operations to our environmental management systems and the commercialisation of our product. In particular we demonstrate innovation through:

  • Piloting gravimetric technology that processes gold using recycled water, rather than cyanide or other harmful chemicals; 
  • 100% reprocessing of mining waste material, such as gravel and clay;
  • Exploration and testing of alternative energy generation systems to supply our industrial plant;
  • Traceability of our gold through the supply chain—from extraction, through refining and to the final customer.

We are committed to continuously improve our environmental performance, meeting national and international standards, and, where possible, to go beyond established best practice and make a positive impact by leaving our projects in better condition and with stronger natural systems than when we arrived. We aim to achieve:

  • Zero waste from our mine and processing facilities;
  • 100% mitigation of ecosystems and natural habitats;
  • Introduction of zero-pollution technologies.

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